we modify the language for good reasons paralinguistic (gestures) There are many ways we can alter our spoken language when we are communicating through speaking in order to augment the quality of communication.One way we enhance our spoken language is by using paralinguistic features, for instance, gestures an example of this has been shown in a conversation on […]

shea: hi shaneil: hi shea: wyd  (what are you doing)  shaneil: English u (you) shea: no way so am i shaneil: that’s so weird who’s Ur teacher ( your ) shea: Mr waugh hby ( how about you ) shaneil: oh same shea: cool  

Shea: how was your weekend sam   Sam: it was pretty good, went to my cousins 21st Yeah in hedgehop, yeah little shitty farming town halfway from gore and Invercargill   Angus: it like  (hand gestures)   Sam: yeah it’s like in between the two holes (hand gestures) , um  it  was just speights and shit […]

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