16th October 2018

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As soon as we  see someone we will make an assumption on what type of person they are based on their clothing.If they are wearing branded clothes they must be rich ,  If they are wearing warehouse clothes then they must be poor. These are all  types of assumptions we make therefore making everyone feel like they are defined by what they wear which many people  completely disagree with.

“don’t judge a book by its cover “how many times have we heard this saying before ?. I think we should feel the same way about people” don’t judge a person by their clothing “but instead people do, when we see someone for the first time our brain automatically puts that person into a category by what they are wearing. Wether its poor ,rich ,weird ,sporty or basic . This  stops people  from getting to know the other person before they even speak to them ,because personally they are judging their clothing straight away.

seeing a young female in her 20s walking into a party  wearing a tight red dress or a short skirt many people would judge her as soon as she walked in. why do people do this ?. Is she asking for the attention by showing to much skin. Seeing a boy around school his peers  would automatically judge him if he was wearing a tank top wouldn’t they ?.Many people will go through this judgement on a daily basis because of the amount of skin he or she is showing but not because of his or her personality.

Many older people would agree with this as well as they assume the lack of clothing is due to the younger generation having little or no self respect for themselves. Personally I have had this happen to me before when my grandparents told my parents to get me longer shorts so they come down to my knees or why is my school kilt above my knee it should be down to my ankles. Even if you are showing a lot of skin as long as its comfortable people shouldn’t have to worry about what other people are wearing.This would stop a lot of people making others feel self conscious.

Even in some clothing shops the salesperson can be judgemental as soon as a potential buyer enters their clothing shop by what they are wearing therefore assuming how much money they have or how much they are prepared to spend. This is a known fact if they think a costumers  are prepared to spend more there is a higher chance that they will give that certain costumer more attention.This can be completely wrong and the person wearing track pants and an old top may spend a lot more than the person in the suit.This is just another reason why we are not defined by what we wear.

formal,formal is just another time when there is a lot of judgement on what you are wearing. Not only from peers or family but from Facebook as well. Because of formal there is a lot pressure on who looks the best ,the majority of girls will spend thundered of dollars just for that one night because of the pressure. When I walked into formal the first thing i noticed was the parents standing above me watching me and judging what my dress  looked  like. Most parents judge the girls if there dress colour suited them or if they were showing to much skin. Many girls feel the pressure and formal becomes a stressful time ordering dresses making sure everyone will like it if it’s appropriate to wear and how much its gonna cost. I personally found formal stressful trying to get a dress that was appropriate and what I wanted to wear.

people  are not who they are because of what they wear but people will always define them from there clothes no matter where they are or who they  are Just because of their first impression.

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  1. This makes a good persuasive case, but is hampered by two main things:

    1) There are a number of small errors in punctuation that intrude on the reading of the piece

    2) Sometimes you’re using language effects that are more suited to speaking that writing – for example the widespread use of rhetorical questions.

    Not Achieved – Writing Folio


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