4th November 2018

My response is about a movie High school musical 2 by Disney In summer break troy and his east high friends get a job at sharpay’s family resort.While being there he realise sharpay’s parents can offer him a lot of opportunities even a basketball scholarship.he then starts to forget about his friends and they don’t like this especially his best friend chad . gabriella feels like she is losing troy to sharpay especially when sharpay and troy start singing together she then leaves and gives troy back the necklace he gave her troy realises what he has done and what he wants to pick.he does the right thing and leaves sharpay this mean his opportunities are gone but his friendships are back but gabriella is gone he might be to later to get that relationship back.until at the last moment she surpises him when troy is singing a song he just learnt

In this movie it gives you an unrealistic reputation of what high school and summer break is like when in reality it’s nothing like this. in high school there are alot of bigger problems such as  school grades, trying to achieve ncea , and friends and drama  .This movie is just like  photoshop we see in magazines on females bodies making other people believe this is what they should look like high school musical does the same making younger children believe this is what high school is like all fun and no hard work even though in the movie there is a bit of relationship and friend drama they don’t work it out they sing about it and its fixed right away but this does not work in the real world sometimes people don’t forgive you .I found my high school experience was nothing like this that it was not all fun and games like it was in the movie it’s  been very stressful ,many of my  friendships have  fall out through out this time , friendship groups have changed  and there is no singing and dancing in the lunch room.One thing high school musical has gotten right is there are girls that act like sharpay toward Gabriela . As a young child this movie gave me false hope no high school and made me disappointed when i came to high school i believe no high school experience is ever going to be like this.

“where are all in this together” this is a saying that is used a lot through out all the 3 movies. the quote  is always bought in when times are bad and friendships are falling out which i believe is  strong it remind people they are meant to be fighting with each other not against each other bringing them closer and reminding them they always have each other .

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    This gets close, but still needs a greater degree of specific reference to the film.


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