5th November 2018

Forrest gump

In my response i wrote about a movie by ‘winston groom ‘

In this movie it start with forrest sitting on  a bench telling a lady about his story . he then starts forrest as a young boy with a low IQ and braces on his legs . when he starts his first day of school no one will let him sit beside him on the bus apart from a girl called jenny from then on they become best friends and hang out everyday jenny never wants to go home and forrest doesnt know why but his doesnt realise his dad is a bad man so is an alcoholic and is an inappropriate man.until he goes over and they run away and pray “make me a bird so i can fly away  far far away from here “ she get taken to her grandmas house and leaves there from then . as they get older they end up getting further and further away from each other .he goes to the war and becomes a war hero then he becomes a ping pong pro and versus china and becomes a national star after this then he owns a shrimping boat and opens a big shrimp restaurant with his friend from the war .after this his friend from the war buys him part of the apple company and he doesn’t have to work ever again because of the money he has made he then gives a lot of his money away to different things.throughout all of this jenny comes in and out of his life when she does come back she buys him nike shoes , a few weeks later she leaves and he starts running he keeps running for about 3 years and becomes a national star again .while he is sitting there telling his story it goes back and forward of him telling the story and what has actually happened when telling this he says jenny wrote me a letter and he’s going to see the lady then says “you don’t need to catch a bus its five blocks away “ he starts running when he gets there he realise she has a son called forrest  she says he’s named after his dad he then realise he has a son .from this they go to a park and she says she’s getting sick very sick and she asks him to marry him they get married and live with him and he looks after her until she becomes so ill see passes away

In the movie when forrest goes to war he meets a man on the bus called bubba. They become best friends in the war he says “bubba is like my brother “ how this relates to me is because i’ve had a friendship like this being so close you are like sibling which is the best friendship you can have .

Another time i can relate to him is from his mum his mum supports him even though  his IQ is so low he supports whatever he wants to achieve and is always backing him up how i relate to this is my mum is so similar to his mum she always wants me to achieve no matter what i’m doing she always praise me when i achieve great grades .

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    • Too much re-telling of the plot.

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