Forrest gump In my response i wrote about a movie by ‘winston groom ‘ In this movie it start with forrest sitting on  a bench telling a lady about his story . he then starts forrest as a young boy with a low IQ and braces on his legs . when he starts his first […]

Dear john My response is from story”dear john “ by nicholas sparks This book is about a boy who dropped out of school and went into the army .until on a trip back from he meets a girl savannah they have incense accraction right away and fall in love “it took two weeks for me […]

My response is about a movie High school musical 2 by Disney In summer break troy and his east high friends get a job at sharpay’s family resort.While being there he realise sharpay’s parents can offer him a lot of opportunities even a basketball scholarship.he then starts to forget about his friends and they don’t […]

My sister’s keeper 1)My response is from a story “my sisters keeper ‘ by jodi picoult  This story is about a family of four when there daughter suddenly becomes seriously  ill at the age of two .the doctors suggest to the parents that they should have another child one that is a perfect match so […]

writing portfolio  As soon as we  see someone we will make an assumption on what type of person they are based on their clothing.If they are wearing branded clothes they must be rich ,  If they are wearing warehouse clothes then they must be poor. These are all  types of assumptions we make therefore making […]

from out of the blue  1 .my response is from a  poem “from out of the blue” by Simon Armitage. This poem is about a man who is in the world trade centre when two planes become highjacked and fly into the two buildings this causes many death. the writer of the poem shows us an […]

  job: bachelor of design Dear Sir/Madam, From a very young age I have been told I must apply for a scholarship to make sure I can go to a  reputable university. This is why I will put as much effort and dedication as possible into achieving a Bachelor of design scholarship. I can remember […]

a) a strength I have with people is I am great a communicating ,friendly and good at making a conversation an prefect example of this is I  always talk to new people and make them feel welcome into the area or if I’m new i will try and make conversation b) my strengths of self management […]   picking my first personal response on that we spend too much time on social media and technology I would have never thought reading these articles I would so strongly agree with them But  these 4 articles have done enough to convince me and have unraveled the statical facts presenting reason, […]

we modify the language for good reasons paralinguistic (gestures) speech was very limited in history before T.V, phones and the radio were invented this was because communication was only limited to people around yourself. People couldn’t communicate through specch to one another around the world before these items where invented. 1927 was the first time […]