28th May 2018

job application letter


job: bachelor of design

Dear Sir/Madam,

From a very young age I have been told I must apply for a scholarship to make sure I can go to a  reputable university. This is why I will put as much effort and dedication as possible into achieving a Bachelor of design scholarship. I can remember making my parents stick up my latest drawings on the fridge to show off my latest creations . I loved being creative and starting off new projects. I remember spending hours sitting at the table painting and drawing. I did take art from year 7-9,  however I didn’t love it because I’m horrible at drawing. This year I was introduced to art design and photography. This is where I found a love for art design. From this I knew I must apply for a scholarship. I love how creative I can be in design and how I can see my work progress from one simple word to a whole board filled with all of my own work.

I chose your course because I am extremely passionate about art design. I am striving towards achieving a Bachelor of Design (Communication). Why I must get a Bachelor of Design (Communication) is because I want to achieve as high a level as possible. I believe I would be a valued asset to art design because of how passionate I am, even at a young age. I have already started working out what I need for entry requirements for this course. I believe I have the practical ability and good communication skills. Because of school I communicate with all ages, such as students and peers, or because of my job, I also show an interest towards people around me. I love working with others because you can bounce your creative thoughts off each other and form a vision. With art design I enjoy the process of forming ideas and the stages you go through to complete the project.

 This year I am taking level 2 photography and art design. These two subjects have taught me a lot of skills, such as how to come up with an idea and express my image, or how to use other skills such as photoshop or light room. This year in art design we were given a task to pick an event from any where in the world, the event I chose was New York fashion week. Why I chose New York fashion week was because I love the city’s vibrant colours and the fashion style of New York. From this we are making posters, logos, tickets and a magazine articles. This will all then go onto our board for the end of the year NCEA marking.

I believe I’m a confident person who has a great work ethic. Since the age of 14 I have done 3 different types of work. As a cleaner I have worked for Te Wanaka lodge/Wanaka Selection and at Subway as dish washer and in customer service making subs. I have also babysat a variety of ages, which has taught me a lot about how to communicate with younger children. As a result of these jobs, I know I have gained a lot of skills, such as time management, interpersonal skills, responsibility, and much more.

Yours faithfully









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