picking my first personal response on that we spend too much time on social media and technology I would have never thought reading these articles I would so strongly agree with them But  these 4 articles have done enough to convince me and have unraveled the statical facts presenting reason, to put these pieces of addictive technology down. Before reading these articles I would have thought that I’d spend  up  to  5 hours a day on a social media  because I have a lot on after school and I try not to go on social media during school periods  .Every time some one picks up their phone to check a snap chat or a message those mins start adding resulting into 9 hours. I then realised I spent more time on social media then I do learning at school. This started to make me think  if we spend 9 hours a day on our phones whats that in a year 29,565 hours what could i do with all this time ?  .

I can see from this graph 5 years and 4 months I could do a lot like walk my dog 93k times or climb up mount everest 32 times if I cut down these 5 years and 4 months to just just a week resulting in 18hours  ,I could active so much . I could complete my school work to the highest level possible by spending day 6 hours a week outside of school trying make sure it was at excellence level and completing all homework . I could train for sports or just for fitness by spending time practicing or by going for a run .With doing this i could still have time for my social life such as doing something with my family or going out with friends and not having to worry if the internal i just handed in i spent enough time doing or if i’m going to be fit for netball season this has made me think have i been using my time wisely.

1000 hours another article I read which was based on the  outsiders book on synopsis gave me more statical knowledge on time .Gladwell says that when reaching the  10,000-Hour Rule, which he considers the key to success wether this is sports or academic  or any field of work practicing a specific task that can be accomplished with 20 hours of work a week for 10 years will make you the best at what ever you are doing . he always says that he took him self 10 years to meet the 10,00 rule   this has shown me that if I put in the hours of work to do well I can accomplish a lot such as people like the Beatles how are still all known generations down because they spent so much time practing and playing their songs it just became second nature and made their  shows look incredible .this article showed me that i need to use my time wisely if i wanna become great at anything and that you do need to put time and effort into everything you do.this has changed my mind towards time ,time if very important and every second counts no matter what you are doing so i need to use it and make every second count .

Some one like jenny Simpson an olympic runner her whole day it planned out from 6 am to 10 pm with a schedule like this at most she may only be allowed up to 2 hours to watch tv to have time to relax because she hasn’t spent her whole life on her technology ,just like most of us her spend  she has accomplished so much there are so many people that have accomplished so much by using there time wisely they didn’t get their by not doing anything but by  putting time and effort into their  goals they didn’t get there  from sitting on the couch watching tv all day. I would like to say that my whole day is planned out  but differently so i can achieve well in school  but i do go home some days and watch Netflix , or go on social for 4 hours because just like her I need my down time but my because I do get tired swell from school


reading these articles have effected my life. by spending more  time with my family or when I’m with others, putting my phone down to connect with other people. I want to achieve so much more in my life then being famous on Instagram and having the highest snap chat score and i have realised how people are so focussed on their phones and how much we revolve around phones without phones we are nothing.

From this graph I can see a huge increase from 2012 to 2018 and if we don’t put these pieces of addictive technology down they are going to over take our life .Everyone needs to put these down and go somewhere out of service and instead of taking a photo make a memory that will last forever .















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