we modify the language for good reasons

  1. paralinguistic (gestures)

speech was very limited in history before T.V, phones and the radio were invented this was because communication was only limited to people around yourself. People couldn’t communicate through specch to one another around the world before these items where invented. 1927 was the first time a television was used in a house, 1876 was the first phone call and in 1950s the study of paralinguistic features was being studied  by George L . Trager. People then started relasing how  paralingustic properties of speech played an vital role in human communication. they then started exploring hand gestures and other paralanguage features modifying this they bought paralanguage into text communcation .


There are many ways we can alter our spoken language when we are communicating through speaking in order to augment the quality of communication.One way we enhance our spoken language is by using paralinguistic features.For instance, gestures an example of this has been shown in a conversation on my personal blog. From this conversation, paralinguistic features have been presented to the viewer such as gestures.When Sam says ” it is like between two holes ” with his hands he shows the viewer that he is explaining where this place is. With both his hand from each side he makes a hill shape, then his hands meet in the middle.This gives the viewer a picture in their head and gives them more clarity on what he is saying. Another exemplary would be this can be used when an individual is explaining their point.They will use hand gestures to make sure they are being assertive.With hand gestures that are useful to being assertive, making a fist or pointing a finger at an individual are ways of achieving this.By using simple hand gesture this can modify communication and can be used to your advantage.



Since we cant, display paralinguistic features in text communication.Society has intensified our texting methods and arisen with solutions, of how we can use paralinguistic features when texting. Creating an unfamiliar language and advanced way of written communication.Emojis is an advanced solution to show paralinguistic gestures.Emojis, where first created in 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita , he created the first 180 emojis on expression that he had detected people making and on street signs.Tons of emoji characters were encoded in the Unicode version 6.0 released in October 2010.Unicode is a standard system for indexing characters this has allowed hundreds of people to access these emojis out of Japan. Shigetaka Kurita had made a solution, now people are being able to text paralinguistic features all throughout the world.



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  1. These ideas are strong and support the proposition. What is needed is specific evidence to give support to these ideas. You should describe specific paralinguistic features from the spoken conversation that you recorded to show that these are indeed as valuable as you say they are.


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