a) a strength I have with people is I am great a communicating ,friendly and good at making a conversation an prefect example of this is I  always talk to new people and make them feel welcome into the area or if I’m new i will try and make conversation

b) my strengths of self management is I am always on time ,I know what days I’m working so I don’t need any reminders  I am also very self motivated an example of this is my job that i am still  cleaning i am  on time for work , most days I’m there early . i am also thinking of the next job i can do when I’m cleaning weither its vacuuming or making another bed i am very proactive  .I am also very self motivated ,I never argue back and I am happy to do any jobs, when cleaning I never argue if they as me to do a job that i don’t wanna do I  will get on with it and not make a fuss about it

c a skill i have


d one of my passions is skiing an example of this is go overseas skiing and take out door pursuits for skiing , i am also getting my level one instructing for skiing i am very passion about this sport and i am also trying to up my skill in skiing



qualifications I  have is i passed level one




name your interest ,state what these interest show about your person

my interest is out doors i love to go hiking or walking or just being out doors another one of my interest is skiing this shows because we don’t have a lot of time being able to ski i like to use any chance i can’t get to go up the mountain photography also interest me a lot being able to capture a special moment


write an email to two people  asking them

to write a references for you

to be referee phone number

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