27th September 2018

reading log 2

from out of the blue 

1 .my response is from a  poem “from out of the blue” by Simon Armitage. This poem is about a man who is in the world trade centre when two planes become highjacked and fly into the two buildings this causes many death. the writer of the poem shows us an imagine of a man  showing  his view of the poem and makes us the reader feel like we are on the ground watching these planes crash into the two towers .

2 .Reading this poem it has revealed to me so much more than i knew about 911 , when the writer made me feel like i was right there during his poem on the ground helpless to the situation yet feeling reasonable for him in the burning tower. him feeling helpless  “do you see a soul worth saving ” this made me feel like he did not feel like he was worth saving or anyone else in the burring building and everyone on the ground didn’t want to save them . the writer also made me feel the tension and what it was like to be up there during this time .”the heat behind me is bullying ,driving “this showed me the heat from the fires must of be so intense that it gives the fire a human trait(finish). “my arms are numb ,my nerves are sagging 

                                                            “my arms are numb ,my nerves are sagging     

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